We are the first, and only exclusive full concierge service to meet all your needs.

Peace of Mind

Peace of mind is Priceless, and Life Pawtners® Provides exactly that…Peace of Mind…

Life Pawtners® envisions a world where every pet owner lives Free from Stress whenever they are away, knowing their pets and homes are loved by our Professional Staff. Life Pawtners adds valuable time to schedules in a worry-free fashion, making it possible to relax and enjoy a balanced lifestyle without shirking any responsibility. We provide peace of mind that pets are happy, homes are pristine, and time is restored. Now that’s Peace of mind that’s Worth It!

Increased Quality Family Time

By reducing responsibilities, Life Pawtners® will increase the quality time available for family, pets, and vacations.

Our services will reduce stress and bring balance back to busy schedules and improve your overall Well-being and Longevity. Life Pawtners® believes that pets are paramount to happiness and healthy living. We believe that healthy, happy pets improve everyone’s quality of living by reducing stress to build longevity.

Life Pawtners® aims to bridge the gap between the benefits of pet ownership and the responsibilities of household chores, errands, vet appointments, shopping, and more that can minimize the healthy effects of your companion.

Life Pawtners® goal is to partner with each family to provide a comprehensive plan for over wellness of your pet and restore balance to your home. Our services will provide more peace of mind than a healthcare plan.

No Pets? No Problem.

Partner with Life Pawtners to reduce your stress even without any Pets… Our services extend beyond simply caring for Companions.
“Time and money spent in helping men to do more for themselves are far better than mere giving.”
Henry Ford

Why Life Pawtners?

Time Management
Less Time-Consuming Errands
Stress Reduction
Reduced Stress for your Companion
Better Organization
More Family Time
More Free Time
Better Quality of Living
Improved Longevity for you and your companion

Let us do the hard part!

Life Pawtners® understands that our furry friends need more attention than our work schedules allow. ​

Our services add valuable time to your schedule in a worry-free fashion so you can relax and enjoy the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of without shirking any responsibilities. 

And don’t forget that vacations are an essential part of healthy living… Life Pawtners helps bridge the gap between work and recreation responsibilities and caring for your pet and your home.